Creative Process

Usually my pictures start from ideas from sketches I do, usually I have a sketchbook where I just start sketching ideas and where I learn and practice to sketch things.


I usually end up with a messy sketch to begin with. Then I neaten it up with an eraser or by re-drawing the image.

20150705_0846162015-07-07 20.00.412015-07-08 08.20.15

I’m also trying to make it so my images are colorable for others, so I outline the image in black ink and erase the pencil.

BW Nature Infused Heart Lungs and Ribs

I then scan it, print, then get another piece of paper to trace the image lightly with pencil for the original.

2015-07-18 06.46.3620150726_15223520150926_072819

Right now I’m using Prismacolor pencils for color artwork.