About ::: The mee

I grew up in the “Valley of the Sun”. Where creating art and crafts was part of growing up, either influenced by my family or friends.

I also took an interest in computer art as well and worked on an Associates Degree in Computer Imaging and Animation (which now is some random oddball degree no ones knows what it really is).

After moving out of state I also became interested in graphic design and taught myself some and applied it to jobs, and work for a few companies.

I’m easily distracted and so by this I go in and out my art and craft interests in phases, for awhile I’ll do something and then stop and work on something else for awhile.

As I have a background in computer imaging and some experience in graphic design, I’ve realized I’m also interested in coding for web development and am slowly learning and studying code.

I would like to somehow  incorporate all these main crafts and artwork, digital and non-digital into some form and make it into something I don’t know what yet.